MY Journey to Virginia


Let me be honest and candid to begin with: I never thought, my first journey for the exploration of universe would be a short and easy one. I never dreamed, I will gain such a tremendous knowledge in my journey and the quest for understanding consciousness. And, I was very much skeptic due to my longstanding scientific frame of mind. But, surprisingly, in a short time, the world became sharper and clearer to me. In this process, I have learnt many crucial lessons which I never realized or understood before using my scientific mind and brain cultivated and developed in a more rigid academic structure. It was such a humbling, mind-blowing but ecstatic experience for me. Of course, I still have a long way to go in order for deeper understanding.

Beginning prologue: Before I start my narrative, let us understand and concentrate on our own Mind and Body. They are interconnected along with Heart in between. Truth is something that cannot be created. It is already here in the universe. Either we don’t see it or we do not wish to see it. All the great Monks, Hermits and Yogis have told us all the time, again and again, and described the vastness of the universe that all the stars and planets are just tiny drops in this whole universe. In fact, God cannot be fathomed, according to all the Great Immortal Saints, Great saint-like scientists.

My understanding about Science has completely changed since my visit to Virginia and is absolute mind blowing. Science is something, although progressing rapidly, reflects just a tiny drop in the whole universe. Scientists are earning Nobel prizes for discovering and unlocking fascinating facts. The most interesting fact, just for an example, is that today’s prominent scientists demonstrated vanishing particles. Particles smaller than atoms at the size of 1025 which can appear and disappear and hence demonstrating the whole Earth and the subsequent universe has actually no mass, everything is just simple and pure ENERGY. What we see the apparent matter is just a result of association of all the smaller particles, atom by atom. This fact was already known in the ancient times and is well documented. Now I understood clearly, how some yogis could not be photographed. In fact, I firmly believe, one day, with the help of technology, one day, we will be able to transport ourselves at the speed of light anywhere in seconds.


So we all living creature are just greater than our own physical body and matter. Incidentally and coincidentally, it is well documented in Vedas and Upanishads and is taught 5000 years ago at Nalanda and Taxxilla, where all the Vedic Monks and Hermits embedded and transcribed to all the disciples gathered from all over the world through meditation and thought vibes above and beyond. And in this modern world, we are totally ignorant and pursuing knowledge in more rigid mind frame. Now, I have understood, in the modern twentieth century, our learning habits completely changed we became more dependent on our apparent five senses forgetting our sixth sense and ignoring the abundant power and potential of our brain.

In Vedas, all the principles are well written in symbols and scriptures. One example is DNA double helix. It is well reported in Dhanur Veda with simple but striking accuracy. And now, in the last 30-50 years scientists are piling up thousands of articles which are unlocking secrets of life which was already mentioned thousand of years ago.

In ancient days, great monks and hermits were radio station themselves transmitting all the philosophies and principles via radio waves emitting from brain through mind to other disciples. There were no syllabi, tests and time frame. Once guru is satisfied, disciples are allowed to leave the Gurukul and go back to their respective homeland and propagate the sacred Vedas in more written forms. One example is quite a few Greek philosophers have conveyed the Eastern learning from the Hindu and Buddhist monks.

Interestingly, these radio waves were scientifically intercepted and discovered by Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, but, he chose not to patent and commercially exploit this most important and fascinating discovery. Instead, much later, Marconi claimed this discovery and went on to earn Nobel prize. Undeterred, AJC Bose went on founding Bose Institute for the sole purpose of helping mankind and had no interest in patent or trademark. I perceive him as a true hermit scientist.

I have trotted the globe several times and touched all the continents. I have some religious belief but never took cosmic understanding seriously with full belief. I always put science in our modern scientific frame of mind well above everything and have worked diligently to earn double major and an eventual doctorate degree. After chasing the dream of happiness for years, after going through miserable time and failures, I have suddenly decided to explore other things such as consciousness in order to understand who I am and in the process, try learning as well as earning some blissful peace and tranquility.


Hence the final prologue: Mind and Brain with Heart in between. I must look and explore what is and not for what I think should be. I used to brainstorm with my son Suvam, and used to dream that we can fly together in the rocket to distant stars and communicate through mind. We also dreamt of inventing “thought reading machine” which can read our mind and use it learn everything fast and transmit the same to others. The bigger picture, do we have the power to control other people’s thought process? I do not mean to trespass other people’s mind in the form of hypnotism, but, possibly, at the least to prevent the bad, evil thought to enter or conquer other person’s mind.

Throughout my life, I learnt everything by doing, practicing, and observing. Hence, I am a kinetic learner. I always read a lot and analyze with scientific evidences to validate the true facts. I never used my soul and spirit to access my own brain and navigate through the universe. In the process, I was fooled multiple times in my personal and professional life. I was fooled trying to believe what isn’t true and then I was fooled again by refusing to believe what is true. Even though, I was fooled so many times and met with so many tragedies, I am still alive in one piece and having two meals every day which, by itself, is a true miracle! Finally, I, have realized, there must be a force, which is well protecting me from all the colossal failures, humiliation and ultimate tragedy. Hence, I have decided to pursue a spiritual life and explore self awareness. I had a little enigmatic dilemma how I could accomplish this seemingly impossible task without being a hermit. After all, I am the true seeker of truth and so I am expressing my concern, doubt and abilities to see how and whether I can have out-of-body experience and levitate my body through “Samadhi” meditation and “Kundalini” Yoga. In essence, I was just pondering whether I have to live like a hermit or yogi to understand the spirituality. And the final dilemma: Whether I have to give up what I am in order to become what I would be and then who I would be.


Suddenly and miraculously, I came across Monroe Institute offering people to explore consciousness. I liked this Institute simply because they are not affiliated with any religion and, most importantly, there is no need to follow a hermit lifestyle. Mr. Robert Monroe has developed a powerful system tweaking the brain to enhance deep conscious exploration based on an audio technology, known as “Hemi-Sync”. Based on a system called binaural beats, “Hemi-Sync” sound drops brain wave frequencies below normal waking beta state to alpha (relaxed state), delta (deep sleep), and theta (deep meditation, inner travel) frequencies. “Hemi-Sync” is a binaural beats based audio sound that will synchronize our mind, body and soul. The binaural beats are low frequency sound and will align & optimize alpha, beta, gamma, delta waves in the brain and will induce optimal resistant free meditation. Basically, this “Hemi_Sync” is designed to bring focus, increase consciousness faster and easier.


This is perfect for a person like me who is just a beginner and cannot embrace hemit lifestyle. After all, it is like, I have the desire to learn how to play cricket, but I do not need to play like Sachin Tendulkar. And, I felt like quantum leap jump instantly when I started the using “Hemi-Sync” sound.

This October 2014, I finally took the plunge and went on to attend “Gateway Voyage” program at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, founded by Robert Monroe in 1974, located in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. This institute is dedicated to expanding human awareness as more than our physical bodies.

In my group, there were about 20 of us joined from all over the world and two facilitators Mr. Lee Stone and Penny Holmes guided us with powerful meditations that took us to higher states of expanded consciousness, and were there to teach and protect us from all negative influences.

We were introduced to several Focus points, with different numbers assigned that, I feel, have no significant quantitative meaning. Focus 10 is a state of deep relaxation, with your mind awake and body asleep. Focus 12 is the state of expanded awareness, where you can sense and feel that you are more than your physical body. Focus 15 is the state of no time and space, and here we learned to time travel. Focus 21 is the bridge to other realms of existence, and there are other focus levels from 15-21 experienced as color and related to different levels of consciousness.

I can relate these different focus points to attaining different “Chakra” level. The different levels of chakra can also be accomplished through “Kriya” or “Kundalini” Yoga or Meditation as demonstrated and well documented. Only difference, in my opinion, Focus points is relatively easy with the help of “Hemi-Sync”.


We, participants have learnt to use tools in our daily meditations. An interesting tool is Energy Conversion Box, where we can place all our physical matter worries and concerns, essentially a place to dump our fears and convert them into power. All of the focus level tools relate to manifesting our own reality. I felt empowered and enlightened to own my creativity. Suddenly, Vedic symbols and scriptures became more clear and bold to me.

I did not experience out-of-body through my meditation, but some people did report. I was actually half-asleep and sometimes full sleep in the dream states. Nevertheless, I had other benefits and pretty sure that I went somewhere. Focus 21 is a bridge to anywhere, past, present or future. All of the meditations were remarkably easy and became fun to me. I also had the support for the emotional experiences that resulted in deep healing through inner travel.

I must mention a few unusual experiences that happened to me while I was in Virginia. Both my parents passed away some time ago and I requested them to appear and talk to me during my meditation. After requesting several times, I had almost given up. Suddenly, a message appeared somewhere in my brain that my mother sent: “We are with you all the time”. I tried to ask: “Am I doing anything wrong?” The answer was “NO” and I was emotionally relieved as I was having some emotional guilt before, for not spending much time with them. The second experience, during my meditation, I suddenly visualized a young girl who had the mischievous smile and asked me for chocolates. There was no sound but she embedded the “chocolate” word in my mind. It took me some time for to recollect, but I knew that she was my childhood friend’s daughter. I was quite attached to her. She used to mock my style with me and my way of talk and was quite lively and fearless. She passed away abruptly with two days of fever, when she was only ten years old. Strangely, I happened to call my friend around the same time when I learnt of her passing within a few minutes. Obviously, my friend was not in a position to pick up the phone and talk to me but did it anyway. I felt a high voltage grief and shock and kept the pain within myself since then. I never mentioned it to my friend as I never wanted increase their grief. They have gone through enough depression and pain and still going through. After I saw her, I even tried to ask her to show me her home but she told me “Not Now” (not in sound, but more in expression) and asked me to go back. Since then, I am feeling much better. A deep pain is healed. After all, we all have a certain “Expiry Date”, being just a physical body and matter. It is just a question of “When” and “How” and what we leave behind.

A few words about the facility: Our bed is also our meditation chamber (CHEC unit), equipped with light, headphones, and black drape for darkness. Food and drinks are plenty and good, but, absolutely no alcohol. A yoga instructor comes every morning for stretching. By the way, our Yoga instructor was IAS Iyengar’s graduate and we exchanged “Namaste” and chanted “OM”. The rural land is extraordinarily scenic, and every afternoon we had some free time for wandering around. I spent quite some time with the giant gigantic quartz crystal. This amazing gem can absorb any negative energy from your body in a few seconds. I have learned that some people refer to these crystals as Earth Keeper Quartz or Himalayan Salt Crystal, with legendary power.

virginia6Before I used to believe nothing is miracle. Now, I tend to live and think as if everything is miracle. Before, I was skeptical whether I could have out-of-body (OBE) and levitation experience. Truthfully, I did not have OBE experience, but I am not fully sure. I may have gone somewhere unknowingly. But, I have gained quite a few things: I could better connect with my environment and the people around me. While doing meditation using “Hemi-Sync”, my mind is staying awake while my body is relaxed. Somehow, I have developed better laser-like focus and infused gratitude, wisdom and tranquility into my meditation.

Now, it is quite possible, with the help of technology and science such as using Hemi-Sync audio technology, we can at least get some level of perpetual bliss through meditation. I never thought of meditation this easy.
There were times, I felt like quitting. There were times, I did not follow the guideline, there were times, I went into sleep completely. I had to battle several things, such as, my personal battle against cynicism, such as OBE and remote viewing. Finally, I did develop somewhat an oceanic mind, where a whale cannot disturb. Before, my mind was like a small pond where a few frogs did disturb me.

Overall, it is definite powerful, mind-blowing and positive experience for me. I did achieve relaxation, self- awareness and unusual vibration. Now is the time for myself to correlate and synchronize the mind and body with the heart and set further expansion to explore deeper level. Whatever, it is, at the least, I know that we all are more than our own physical bodies and the physical matter.

Remember, listen to your heart, and then chant “OM”. The sound of Om is sacred and powerful. Your body will be tuned and will heal your mind. We must make it a habit to chant every day. Remember, this directive came from our Vedic Masters.

Here’s my email: [email protected], if you wish to email me to communicate further.

Om again.


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